Make A Gift

There are many causes worthy of our participation and support. In fact, there are over 800,000 recognized charities in the United States, and the list gets longer every year.

Worth Magazine, a finance and investment periodical, conducted a six-month study to help determine which charities were most effective and considered “essential for maintaining a caring society.” The study, published in December 2001, “A Gift for Giving”, included 100 top charities which addressed health, human services, relief and development, the environment and education. Big Brothers Big Sisters was named among the top 100 U.S. charities, and one of the top 30 human services charities.

The “quintessential” mentoring program, founded in 1904, was built on the philosophy that a one-on-one relationship is a very effective way to transform a child’s life. Kids in the program are less likely to use drugs, skip school, or behave violently. Fifty-eight percent got better grades and 64% developed more self-confidence.
Worth Magazine, 2001.

<>To learn more about the good work of America’s charities, read “A Gift for Giving” found on Worth Magazine’s website To visit Big Brothers Big Sisters of America’s website, log on to